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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my password?

How do I clear the cookies in Chrome?

  • Sometimes websites store bits of information -- called "cookies" -- on your device. Often this is helpful, but sometimes cookies cause problems with website activity and logging in. Please visit our help site for How to Clear Cookies in Chrome.

How do I update Chrome?

Why isn't my screen recording working?

  • Check out our Help site for How to Change MacBook Privacy Settings. You will have to make sure that Google Chrome has access to Screen Recording within the "System Preferences" area of your Mac. Follow the directions in our help page, and contact our technology team if you need further assistance.

My device is damaged. Who should I contact?

You or a parent/guardian can call your school during regular school hours to schedule an appointment with the technology staff. You may also email your school's tech support email if you have another usable device.

How do I download an app or program?

iPads & MacBooks -- Available apps can be downloaded from the SelfService app.

Chromebooks -- Available apps can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

If you need an app or program that you cannot find or install, you or a parent/guardian can email your school's tech support for assistance.

I don't know how to use [an app] my teacher told me to get.

Make sure you read all the directions your teacher may have sent via email or posted in Google Classroom. If the directions do not answer your question, you can contact your teacher directly. If something isn't working quite right, they may direct you to the Technology Department for further assistance.

How can I change my schedule or make adjustments to Skyward?

If you have a question about Skyward or if you are interested in more information about classes, please contact your school's counselor(s) to make an appointment. They make every effort to help students. See a full list of contact information on the MSD Mt. Vernon website.

Where do I look for homework?

If you are receiving instruction from an MSD Mt. Vernon teacher, you can view assignments in Google Classroom or email your teacher with assignment questions. If you are receiving instruction via APEX Learning, you can view assignments through APEX or contact your school Counselor/Advisor with questions.

How do I complete homework without reliable internet?

Internet access is available at all MSD of Mt. Vernon schools including most adjacent parking lots. Many G Suite for Education tools including Docs, Slides, Sheets and Drive will work in "offline" mode -- this means you can download the assignment when you get internet, go home to edit and save assignments without internet, and sync or upload assignments when you return.

Our school corporation is also working on installing internet access points in our community. The specific site locations will be released on, social media, and local publications after we determine which students are learning virtually and need access. A phone and email survey was released over the summer to collect internet access information.

If you still have internet connection questions, please contact our Technology Department to discuss possible options.

Who do I contact about damaged or lost devices & accessories (e.g. power cable)?

First, retrace all your steps to ensure you didn't leave your item in another classroom, gym, or locker. Students commonly leave items in another vehicle belonging to a parent or friend. If you are still having trouble, you can contact your school's MV Help team for assistance. If "loaner" devices are available, we may be able to provide one to you temporarily while an issue is addressed. Lost devices may have to be replaced at a cost determined by the Technology Department.

How do I export my Google data? (e.g. Graduation Seniors or students moving to another school district.)

  • Google makes it easy to export all your data in Gmail, Drive, and more. Google Takeout is a service that takes all your existing Google data and packs it together into one file.

  • "Takeout" is essentially a collection of everything you've ever done with your Google account — this includes all the pages you've saved, the YouTube videos you've watched, the Drive files you've uploaded, and more. Once finished, you'll receive .zip or .tgz files filled with all your data.

  • Please visit our help page on Google Takeout to learn more about how to complete this process.